• Image of The Wessex Beardsmens 6th Beard and Moustache Competition

Yipee Ki Yay! We, The Wessex Beardsmen, are doing a Wild (South) West themed competition this year, so dust off ya leather chaps, straighten out ya Stetson or ya war bonnet, and put a shine on them boots, we’re going to get the saloon doors swinging!

This year we are going back to the wild west for our Competition, it's time to get off your horse.... we'll see you at the 94 club in Yeovil, on April 18th*, 2020, for the normal shenanigans!!

All proceeds this year are going to Zellweger UK - Registered Charity Number: 1166389

This year we have the usual 9 categories -

Natural Moustache
Styled Moustache
Business Class Beard
Partial Beard
Full Beard Styled Moustache
Full Beard Natural
Full Beard Freestyle
Ladies Handmade
Children’s Handmade

Tickets are £10 (under 18's free - just bring them along)

Category rules are -

THE NATURAL MOUSTACHEO - Sponsored by - Twisted Moustache

The great and mighty Moustache, as it grows naturally. It can be curled. The hair must grow from no more than 1.5cm, just over half an inch in real money, past the corner of the mouth. The moustache may be Styled, but without styling aids, so non of ya’ll waxes and potions, ya’ hear!

THE STYLED MOUSTACHEO - Sponsored by - Captain Fawcett

The moustache may be in the style of Dali, whatever that is, English, Hungarian, Imperial or even as freestyle. The hair must grow from no more than 1.5cm past the corner of the mouth. Styling aids very much permitted, so go to town, just don’t shoot up the saloon.

LAWMAN CLASS BEARD (Business Class Beard) - Sponsored by - Opies Beard Co.

The beard is short (up to 3”), well kempt, in a smart and tidy manner, the moustache maybe styled if so wished, with any and all styling aids permitted.

PARTIAL BEARD - Sponsored by - Mariner Jack

If you’re not partial to the full lustrous mane of man 6 months in the saddle, this is for you. Any beard which is not full, including, but not limited to goatee, chops, whaler, musketeer with any and all styling aids permitted.

FULL BEARD STYLED MOUSTACHE - Sponsored by - Captain Fawcett

The moustache is distinct from the beard but may not include hair growing from more than 1.5 cm past the corner of the mouth. The moustache may be in the style of Dali, English, Hungarian, Imperial, or even freestyle moustache.

Style ya’ moustache using potions, fixers or waxes but leave the beard as the good lord intended, beard pomade is allowed, but that’s it.

FULL BEARD NATURAL - Sponsored by - Mariner Jack

Drive cattle for a couple years and don’t shave, and you got ya’ll self a natural beard. Nothing but a good brushing is all it needs, and maybe some oil to lose that dustbowl look.

FULL BEARD FREESTYLE - Sponsored by - Fine Fettle

People think life in the Wild West was short, quick and dirty, for the most part they’d be right; but it was also colourful and full of life worth living. So go all out, live a little! Anything goes with the one!


‘Well, howdy there little lady, and may I say what a fine beard you do have.’ Handmade by the descendants of Eve’s fair hands. Let your imagination fun away with and see what happens.

CHILDREN'S HANDMADE - Sponsored by - The Wessex Beardsmen

Here’s one for the little ankle biters, get them to rustle up a beard of their own.

Styling aids include wax, balm, sprays etc Beard oil is NOT considered a styling aid.

*In the event that the competition is rescheduled due to circumstances out of our control, tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date